Oral presenters will have 17 minutes for their presentation and 3 minutes for a few questions and short answers.  A general rule is to have one slide per minute on the average and all oral presenters are urged to follow this rule and have about 17 slides (never more than 20) to show to the audience during presentation.


Oral presenters must upload their power point file to the congress computers at the Technical Help Room, latest during the half day prior to their session (e.g. if the session is scheduled in a morning, during the afternoon of the previous day and if the session is scheduled for an afternoon, during the morning of the same day).


Oral presenters must communicate with the chairperson prior to the start of their session.





Poster format:


  - Posters should be prepared in English only.


  - Poster size is restricted to 80 cm in horizontal and 110 cm in vertical.


  - The body of posters (area C in the sketch below) may be exhibited in any format.


  - Characters should be legible from a distance of 2 meters (min. 16 font size is recommended).


  - Figures and graphs should be at least 20x20 cm in size.


A) Number card
    (To be prepared by the MEDCOAST 2017 Congress Secretariat)


B) Title of the paper; Names and affiliations of the authors
    (To be prepared by the author)


C) Space for the main body of the poster.

Information on Presentation of Posters


Poster Sessions


Wednesday 01 November 2017, (10:50 – 12:30 (continues the next day))
Posters will be kept in display until noontime on 03 November, Friday.

Posters could be mounted in the morning of the day when the poster session is scheduled.  They should be removed at the end of the day. Please kindly note that posters that have not been removed by the end of the day will be discarded.


Presentation Procedure


Presenters are expected to be available next to their poster during the entire poster session to explain their work and answer the questions that may be posed by the visitors.

Number cards (section A in the figure) will be provided by the Secretariat.

Please note that glue will not be used while mounting the posters.

Presenters should prepare the title that will be mounted in the area B in the figure below. Title should include the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s).


“Best Poster” Awards


Three posters, selected from among those presented in Poster Sessions, will be given at the Closing Ceremony the “Best Posters” Awards of the congress together with gifts.