Modes of Payment


The registration fees, alone or including accommodation, can be paid either by a credit card in secure environment during online registration or pre-registration, or by bank transfer.  The registration fee, with or without accommodation, that you will need to pay is calculated automatically during registration.  You need to pay half of the registration fee ONLY during pre-registration.

If you chose to make payment by bank transfer, you must carry out the transfer before online registration or pre-registration.   You can calculate the total registration fee yourself by using information in the Registration Fees section.  However it is advisable first to carry out a “false” registration in order to learn the exact amount of money that you need to transfer.  The real registration will require that you upload the receipt for money transfer to be obtained from the bank.

The details of the MEDCOAST Foundation’s bank account for money transfer are given below:

Bank name:              Turkiye Is Bankasi
Bank address:           Mugla Branch, Mugla, Turkey:

Account Number:      3600 0419432
Account Holder:        AKDENIZ KIYI VAKFI
Customer Number:    18501053
IBAN:                       TR91 0006 4000 0023 6000 4194 32