General Information

Where will the technical sessions be held?

All technical sessions (keynote, oral, poster, special, ssp) will be held in the premises of the Congress Hotel


When does the congress officially begin and end?

The 14th International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management & Conservation (MEDCOAST 19) starts on Tuesday 22 October 2019 at 09:00 am and ends on Saturday 26 October 2019 with the technical field trip.


Important dates for the congress are listed here


Abstracts, Manuscripts, Presentation

How do I submit an abstract?

The abstracts for the 14th International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management & Conservation (MEDCOAST 19) must be submitted online by following exactly the provided instructions.


Can I submit an abstract by e-mail?

It is strongly recommended to submit the abstracts online due to the fact that the corresponding authors will be sent a registration code after abstract processing stage and without this code it will not be possible to perform online registration for the 14th International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management & Conservation (MEDCOAST 19).


What if I cannot find a suitable congress topic from the list for my abstract?

If the topic of your abstract is not included in the provided list, you can select “Other” option from the dropdown menu and write down your topic in the adjacent box.


Can I submit more than one abstract?

Yes. However, please note that during the abstract selection process, at most two abstracts for one corresponding author will be allowed.


Is it possible to make changes/corrections in the abstracts after submission?

Yes, it is possible to make changes/corrections in the submitted abstracts until the abstract submission deadline (31 May 2019). You can edit your abstract and if necessary, change the related information (add/delete co-authors, change the title / congresstopic, etc.) by following these steps:

1. Go to

2. You will see "Members Area" at the right part of the page

3. Enter your e-mail address and password that you provided while you were filling "Corresponding author information" during your abstract submission. You should have also received an e-mail stating your username (e-mail) and password information.

4. Once you sign in, you will see "Your profile" link in the "Members Area"

5. Click to "Your profile" link

6. In the page you are directed, you will see "View/Edit Abstract Submission" link on the left. Once you click this link you will see the title of your abstract.

7. Click on your abstract title.

8. You will see a form similar to online abstract submission form. From here you can add/edit authors, change your congress topic or title and correct your abstract.

9. When you finish your corrections, click "Resubmit" button. 


How will I know whether my abstract is accepted or not?

Acceptance notice of submitted abstracts will be sent to the corresponding author by 17 June 2019. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to inform the co-authors about the result of abstract selection.


How do I submit my manuscript?

Only by uploading at the congress web page. After submitting your copyright transfer agreement, it will be possible to upload your manuscript on-line through the congress web page. In order to upload your manuscript you should log in from the “Members Area” at the congress homepage.  Sending your manuscript and the copyright transfer agreement as attachments of an e-mail message is NOT accepted.


Is there any template for manuscript preparation? Yes, please click for the file.


Is there any limit in the manuscript length?

The total number of pages of a manuscript MUST NOT be shorter than 6 full pages and MUST NOT exceed 12 pages.


Do I need to pay extra for colour printing?

Yes. Manuscripts containing colour figures will be charged for extra printing costs in accordance with the prices in the following table:


Number of Pages

Total Price (Euro)

1 page


2 pages


3 pages



+20 per each extra page


What does Copyright Transfer Agreement indicate?

Please click for explanation.


What is the poster size?

Poster size is restricted to 80 cm in horizontal and 110 cm in vertical. The detailed information on poster format and presentation can be found here.


What is the duration of oral presentations?

Oral presenters will have 17 minutes for their presentation and 3 additional minutes afterwards for a few questions and short answers. The detailed information on oral presentations can be found here.


Is simultaneous translation available during congress sessions?

No. The only language of congress is English.


When and how can I upload my presentation file before the session?

Oral presenters must upload their power point file to the congress computers at the Technical Help Room, latest during the half day prior to their session (e.g. if the session is scheduled in a morning, during the afternoon of the previous day and if the session is scheduled for an afternoon, during the morning of the same day). Oral presenters must communicate with the chairperson prior to the start of their session.




What are the registration deadlines?

Pre-registration deadline: 31 July 2019

Early registration deadline: 31 July 2019

On-site registration: From 21 Oct (16:00) to 25 Oct (12:00) 2019.


What are the registration fees?

Please click here for the detailed information about the registration fees.


How do I register?

You can register online from here. Note that if you are a corresponding author you must register from “Registration for presenting authors” area. The co-authors and other participants can register from “Registration for others” area.


Can I register on-site at the registration desk?

Yes you can if you are not a corresponding author. Yet, on-site registration is not recommended due to possibility of crowds at the registration desk. In order to avoid any kind of delays, a priory online registration is strongly recommended. If you are a corresponding author, at least you have to pre-register.


Can I pay with a bank transfer or credit card?

Yes. Both types of payment methods are available. In case of bank transfer, you will be required to upload your bank receipt during online registration.


How can I get a receipt for my payment?

The receipt will be sent to your e-mail address when you register online. In case of failures to get the receipt by e-mail, you can claim your receipt at the Registration Desk from the MEDCOAST 19 Congress Secretariat.


Can I register at the congress only for one day (the opening day – 22 October 2019)?

Only the participants who do not present a paper (people other than corresponding authors) can register at the congress for one day – the opening day.

What does the congress/registration fee include?

For regular participants and full-time students:

The congress fee includes a set of congress proceedings, coffee and refreshments, welcome cocktails, cultural evening, closing banquet, half day mid congress cultural excursion, full day technical trip

For accompanying persons:

The congress  fee includes sightseeing and cultural programs, coffee and refreshments, welcome and other cocktails, cultural evening, closing banquet, half day mid congress cultural excursion, full day technical trip.

For first day participants:

Congress fee includes participation at sessions, coffee and refreshments, cocktails on 22 Oct.

For first day accompanying persons:

Congress  fee includes coffee and refreshments, cocktails on 22 Oct.

Do I have to pre-register?

Pre-registration of corresponding authors is required as an indication of their participation at the congress to present their paper(s).  If an author registers fully before the deadline set for pre-registration (31 July 2019), there is no need for pre-registration.


Which participant type should I choose?

Please choose your participant type according to following criteria.

Regular participants follow the technical and social programs of the MEDCOAST 19 Congress, and they are neither a full-time student nor a special participant.

First-day participants follow the technical and social programs only the first day of the Congress

Student participants are regular participants who are full-time students at the time of the MEDCOAST 19 Congress. Student participants benefit from the reduced registration fees.  Participants who have regular, full+-time jobs and at the same time, carry out graduate studies on part-time basis are NOT accepted as a Student Participants.  Such participants should register as a Regular Participant.

Special participants are participants who pay reduced registration fees due their special contributions to the congress (such as collaborators, invited keynote speakers, exhibitors).  Special Participants follow both the technical and social programs of the MEDCOAST 19 Congress similar to Regular Participants.

Accompanying persons are the people who accompany the participants at the congress.  Accompanying persons do not follow the technical program of the congress.  They will be offered their own daily program and at the same time, will follow the social program of the MEDCOAST 19 Congress.

What are the criteria for student registration?

In order to benefit from the reduced registration fees, students must send a priori by e-mail to MEDCOAST 19 Congress Secretariat ( his/her document(s) as proof of being a full-time student.  Upon approval of their status, their student code will be sent to their e-mail address. The student/exhibitor code received by e-mail for pre-registration is also valid for registration.


Who can be an exhibitor?

International institutions and programs, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, costal and marine service providers, publishers etc. are welcomed to exhibit their work, programs and products by reserving a booth at the Congress Exhibition.

I am an exhibitor. Do I have to pay the congress registration fee?

Only the exhibitors who are also corresponding (presenting) authors or who want to follow the technical and social programs of the MEDCOAST 19 Congress need to register at the congress and pay registration fee at a reduced rate.


Can an exhibitor send or bring his/her materials or items for the exhibition (e.g. leaflets, posters etc.) to the congress hotel in advance?

Yes.  Exhibition materials that are sent to the address of the congress hotel by post or courier, or brought personally by the exhibitor, will be accepted and stored if they arrive earliest one week before the Congress (e.g. after 15 October 2019).  Please clearly indicate the name and dates of the congress on the parcels.


Do I receive certificate of participation?

Yes, if you send an e-mail to the Congress Secretariat ( indicating your wish to receive the certificate at the latest one week before the start of the Congress (e.g. by 15 October 2019)


What is the cancellation policy for congress registration?

Please click here for the detailed information on cancellation policy.



Do I need a visa?

Citizens of many countries are exempt from visa for entering Turkey. Others may require to obtain an e-visa. You can obtain information about entry visa requirements to Turkey for citizens of all countries from the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey at the following address:


Information on e-Visa is available below:


How can I receive an invitation letter for my visa application?

In order to receive an invitation letter for visa application, please send your request to the MEDCOAST 19 Congress Secretariat by e-mail at


Who books the rooms for participants at the congress hotel?

MEDCOAST Foundation takes the responsibility for securing rooms at the congress hotel for those participants who register online including accommodation and pay the fees for registration with accommodation. 


Does congress hotel fee include catering?

Yes, the fee is for "all-inclusive" accommodation.


What does “All Inclusive” concept offer?

“All inclusive” means that food and drinks and some of the hotel services are included in the cost of accommodation. Included are three meals a day (with drinks), snacks, hot and cold soft drinks, beer, wine and Maltese spirits. Some imported drinks of foreign origin and some extra hotel services may be available at an extra charge.


Does congress hotel have internet services?

Wi-Fi is available in public areas and is free of charge.


Can I stay alone in a double room?

Yes, if you pay the accommodation fee for a single participant.  Most of the hotel rooms are designed for double occupancy, but will be used by a single participant.


Does double room indicate a room with a double (French) or twin bed, or two connecting rooms separated with a door?

A double room indicates a room with a double (French) bed or twin beds. 


Can I arrive or leave the congress hotel one or two days earlier or later?

Yes. During online registration, you can arrange your check in and check out dates. If you cannot find the preferred dates at the registration form please contact MEDCOAST 19 Congress Secretariat ( The corresponding authors are expected to participate at least two days at the Congress.


Whom should I contact for getting a pre or post-congress tour?

Such information about pre or post congress tours will be posted at the web site of the MEDCOAST 19 Congress.




Where do I pick up my name badge and congress material?

You receive your name badge and congress material from the registration desk, which will be placed at the lobby of the congress hotel.

Am I allowed to record sessions or presentations at the congress?

No, this is not allowed due to copyright regulations.